WaterHomesteading Primitive Water Purification Survival Skill

Homesteading Primitive Water Purification Survival Skill

This homesteading primitive water purification survival skill is essential to master and we are going to show you a few different ways to do it.

Homesteading Primitive Water Purification Survival Skill

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Water is an essential element for survival. Apart from being a major nutrient required by the body, it is also necessary for other domestic and industrial purposes. Finding pure water for use especially for drinking purpose, has become increasingly difficult. This is even more so in light of human activity. Water pollution has gone beyond bacteria inhibition and silts or other suspended materials found in water. It now includes human activities that cause toxins to be deposited in water. These activities include waste dumping, mining, chemicals and fumes from automobiles and industries and fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture.

With all these, it has become necessary to ensure that water is safe before drinking no matter where you are. To access the purity of natural sources of water, it is important for you to know

• Running water is better than still water

• Water from an underground spring is better than water lying on the surface

• Water with algae growing in it and discolored water should be avoided

• Water in swamps and marshes should also be avoided.

• Fumes from automobile engines would have polluted water source near a road, so they should be avoided.

• Water downriver of industries, human habitats or mining sites should not be used for drinking because of pollution from human activity.

• Water that has passed through farms should be avoided because they may contain fertilizers and pesticides.

Homesteading Primitive Water Purification Survival Skill
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Primitive water purification methods that can be adopted include boiling and filtering. Water should be boiled for about 5-20 minutes to destroy bacteria and microbes. You could use a fire source or boiled rocks for this. Three options could be used for filtering. Using the earth by digging a hole 2-4 feet deep; building a filter from a cone of birch bark and filling same with charcoal, sand, and grasses; and, distilling using solar still. This article is going to teach you the various ways to purify water even when you are not in the comfort of your home.

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