DIY ProjectsHow to Add Windows to Cargo Van DIY Project

How to Add Windows to Cargo Van DIY Project

How to Add Windows to Cargo Van DIY Project is detailed in this step by step process that customizes it to your exact lighting needs.

How to Add Windows to Cargo Van DIY Project

Have you got a very nice and shiny looking van that has no windows? And you want to install windows on it to make it look like a camper van. Adding windows to your van conversion is absolutely one of the coolest ways to add a finishing touch to your camper van.

Having these custom windows on your van makes it look more beautiful, and it also enables more light to penetrate into your van and more ventilation too. And there are different types of windows to choose from, each with its own unique design and beautifying effects.

The types of windows you can choose from are bonded windows, rubber-mounted windows, caravan windows, Seitz windows and fitting campervan windows. It all depends on your choice on which you want to use to customize your van. Paying someone to do this for you can be very expensive. But if you are an engineer or a confident DIY’er, you can do it yourself.

Tools and Materials for project:

Fire extinguisher  (Buy here from Amazon)


Weather stripping – if not included with your windows

Angle grinder (Buy here from Amazon)

Cut-off wheels (Buy here from Amazon)

Flap wheel (Buy here from Amazon)

Steel wool – Fine (Buy here from Amazon)

Sharpie (Buy here from Amazon)

Masking tape (Buy here from Amazon)

Plastic drop cloth (Buy here from Amazon)

Spray paint (Buy here from Amazon)

Doing it yourself will definitely save you a lot of cash. And the process of doing it yourself has been made easy with the step by step tutorial provided on this page. These steps will guide you get your own customized van windows.

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