Build ItHow To Light The Hen house Or Shed With Solar DIY

How To Light The Hen house Or Shed With Solar DIY

If you hen-house or shed are too far from the main house to run lights from the house to the coop or shed you might be interested in building a solar-powered systems to light them or to run an electric fence to protect the chickens. Buy purchasing the parts from Ebay and shopping around you can save a lot of money over buying from a store that sells kits and may not have a wide assortment of supplies to choose from. Home Farmer shares how he bought the pieces from Ebay ans then built his solar-powered lights and electric fence for his hen-house.

As he walks you through the steps to build it he recommends Ebay to purchase the solar panel. The one drawback he has found is that in winter when there isn’t a lot of sunlight he has to disconnect it and take to the house to recharge and then return and re connect it. Which is not so good when you know there is a fox trying to get at your chickens and you have just disarmed the fence for he next twelve hours. In the long run though it would be nice to be able to see what you were doing in the hen-house or shed when it is dark out.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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