DIY ProjectsMake Your Own Disposable Hand Warmers Project

Make Your Own Disposable Hand Warmers Project

This tutorial of how to make your own disposable hand warmers project shows you a shortcut to frugally make your own.

Make Your Own Disposable Hand Warmers Project

Winter is coming, oh sorry, winter is here and it is as cold as we expected. That means we can actually have as much fun in the snow as we want to, although, at times, blizzards may halt our yearning for fun. But until then, not even Jack Frost and his cold schemes will prevent us from having fun.

At times though it may seem to be that the cold seems to gain the upper hand. Our fingers can become so cold when we stay out for long, that we soon come to dread the thought of even venturing out during the winter.

Our jogging routine suffers, we can’t go out skiing or even doing some jobs out in the yard. Here comes in the hand warmers.

Hand warmers finally complete our armor against the cold. With this complete armor, we finally will win our battle against the cold. Yes, we finally have won! Hand warmers are real lifesavers, without them, we will not have any outdoor activity during the winter, and that will be boring. Hand warmers can be purchased, but as most are disposable, it will be more fun making one ourselves.

Yes, you can make your own hand warmers, have fun while doing it and save cost at the end. In fact, you can also personalize yours if you want to.

The beauty of making your own hand warmer is that you literally may not have to even go out to purchase any of the materials as most of them are already common in the home. Old woolen or 100% cotton scrap clothes, rice, oven, and water are readily available in the home. For those who have small size zipper bags, they can also use such in making their own hand warmers.

Below are the steps on how to transform all these materials into your own homemade hand warmer.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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