Make Re-Usable Honey Comb By De-Capping With A Heat Gun


            Beekeepers have a lot of tools for the hobby. They have hives and smokers and protective gear and other things just to keep the bees. When it comes time to harvest the honey there are more items needed. An extractor that spins the combs once they are opened and the spinning forces all the honey out of the cells of the honey comb. Before spinning you need to take the caps off of the cells. There is an electric de- knife that most beekeepers use, it heats up and you slice through the comb removing the caps.

           The electric de-capping knife is an expensive tool. Mud Songs shares videos showing the electric de-capping knife in action but then they show you a video of them using a heat gun to melt the caps of the cells and the heat gun is much les expensive. Another plus to the heat gun is that it is much less messy, and while you don’t reap any way to use this way the bomb can be put back into the hive and the bees will only have to refill and re-cap the cells so there is another bonus. I found the videos interesting to watch. I like that they try new ways to do beekeeping chores.

       In one of the videos he shows how he made a homemade extractor using an electric drill, and while it worked I think a real extractor would be much easier to use. I really liked the heat gun for the de-capping and all of that beautiful golden honey looked delicious. I would love to have some space to have a couple of beehives.


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