DIY ProjectsHomemade Treadle Feeder for Chickens DIY Project

Homemade Treadle Feeder for Chickens DIY Project

This homemade treadle feeder for chickens diy project is built in an effort to reduce chicken feed waste. The treadle chicken feeder constructed with the DIY instructions listed here minimizes food waste. It stops feeds from getting exposed to dangerous weather elements and unwanted guests.

Homemade Treadle Feeder for Chickens DIY Project

It always stays closed, only opening up for chickens to feed after stepping on the treadle. The mechanism functions predominantly on the weight of its chooks. You may have to consider the accurate size for them when building your own.


  • .6 galv sheet or 1.6 aluminum

  • 2 hinges

  • pop rivets and a rivet gun

  • tin snips

  • big square

  • 6 bolts and locking nuts

  • 6mm drill

  • 3mm drill

  • 3mm X 12mm flat aluminum

  • ruler

  • scriber

  • sheet metal folder or brake

  • sheet metal guillotine is also very useful

  • spot welder can also be used if you wish

This treadle chicken feeder has to be calibrated in a way that the chooks can gain access to it easily, with the exception of any unwanted visitors. This can be done by adding or lessening the lid weight (connected to the treadle). Should the lid open easily, you should use a heavier board instead. You can attach any material that adds weight like magnets or small wood scraps. You can figure this out by observing the way the chickens use it.

This treadle chicken feeder will definitely require training your chooks. Start by placing weight on the treadle thus allowing it to always open first. This makes them recognize their feeder. Then gradually lower the lid and the chickens will invent a way to open the feeder. They will understand that stepping onto the treadle gives them access to food. Read further and see the plans to carry out this DIY project.

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Melissa Francis
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