RecipesMini Chocolate Bowl Strawberry Jello Shots Recipe

Mini Chocolate Bowl Strawberry Jello Shots Recipe

These mini chocolate bowl strawberry jello shots recipe is a deliciously playful way to create boozy jiggly appetizers for a cocktail party or BBQ. Want to spice up your party with a new appetizer that’s also a fun drink at the same time?

Planning a party can be daunting especially when you want to make a fun atmosphere that encourages people to mingle and talk to people they don’t know. Well, there is one recipe that can help liven up your party with finesse and fun.

Why not try a delicious strawberry shot made with Jell-O and served in chocolate bowls? You’ll find the recipe an easy one to follow with only four ingredients. You will need to make this delectable drink/appetizer for your party goers.

You won’t have to worry about a chocolate mess as the bowls can withstand the heat of the Jell-O. When it comes to presenting them, you have several professional-looking options, including adding some fresh strawberries and melted chocolate for dipping.

Mini Chocolate Bowl Strawberry Jello Shots Recipe

So, while your guests enjoy their cocktail, they can also indulge in a favorite snack of chocolate-covered strawberries. These can be placed on a nice-looking platter and placed strategically in the middle of the table as you finish your meal preparation and as your guests mingle and enjoy the atmosphere you’ve created for them.

With these cool looking shots, you’ll add class to the traditional college drink, making them perfect for any occasion from birthdays to weddings and other engagements. So, when you’re planning your next party, be sure to keep this delicious treat in mind for your guests.

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