DIY ProjectsShopping Cart Backyard Fire Grill Project

Shopping Cart Backyard Fire Grill Project

How to build a Shopping Cart Backyard Fire Grill Project is all about re purposing a second hand shopping cart into a “Shit Hits The Fan” (disaster) backyard grill if you failed to prepare for a way to cook.

Maybe just want to give it a trial run beforehand or just are low on funds – either way – have fun building this project so you can bbq.

Shopping Cart Backyard Fire Grill Project

For just about fifteen dollars, a homemade fire pit can be made in the most creative of style. It takes someone thinking outside of the box, to see an everyday functional item that can be made to work in a complete different way.

For starters, it is made in a chrome-shopping cart – the key material to have when building it. Stores are always dumping their old shopping carts; if necessary, it can be bought for cheap.

It is super important to make sure it is chrome, not powder coated carts because the burning wood will mark it badly.
In addition gather these extra building materials: get a 27” x 8” steel lath, cooking sheets, hinges, a handle, stimulated steel corner bead and drip edge flashing, nuts & bolts, and some steel hurricane ties.

First, get rid of the rubber and plastic on the cart, except for the handle.

Secondly: construct the frame to place in the bottom of the basket with some pieces of stimulated steel drip edge flashing to hold in any embers.

Third: Take the cookie sheets, slice off the edges, and stick inside the frame, measured accordingly. Measure all the sides of the basket and line them the steel lath, then bolt them to the cart. Do the same on top of the basket and add hinges, nuts, and bolts, so it can open and close like a door.

Fourth: Frame it with corner bead.

Fifth: Bolt the cookie sheets to the bottom of the pan and make a small gap between the surface and the wood that burns below the basket.

Finally: The hurricane ties are also bolted to support the hinges; just like that, it is finished. The fire pit and log rack is movable with its greased up wheels to be lit anywhere.

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Melissa Francis
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