DIY ProjectsHomemade Gardening Gated Pipe Irrigation System DIY Project

Homemade Gardening Gated Pipe Irrigation System DIY Project

This homemade gardening gated pipe irrigation system do it yourself project is an option that water your garden with less work after initial construction.

Furrow irrigation is conducted by creating small parallel channels along the field length in the direction of predominant slope. Water is applied to the top end of each furrow and flows down the field under the influence of gravity. Water may be supplied using gated pipe, siphon and head ditch or bankless systems. The speed of water movement is determined by many factors such as slope, surface roughness and furrow shape but most importantly by the inflow rate and soil infiltration rate. The spacing between adjacent furrows is governed by the crop species, common spacings typically range from 0.75 to 2 metres. The crop is planted on the ridge between furrows which may contain a single row of plants or several rows in the case of a bed type system. Furrows may range anywhere from less than 100 m to 2000 m long depending on the soil type, location and crop type… as found on wikipedia.

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Melissa Francis
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