Raising LivestockSmall Scale Rainbow Trout Farming on Homestead

Small Scale Rainbow Trout Farming on Homestead

This small scale rainbow trout farming on homestead is another aspect of providing food for your family and even possibly a little hard earned cash.

Small Scale Rainbow Trout Farming on Homestead

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From Mother Earth News, written in 1983, the article speaks about how one can make a successful mini farm for raising trout to sell. It breaks out some early stats; 95% of the 11 million pounds of rainbow trout consumed in the U.S. each year comes from commercially raised trout farms. 90% of the trout raised in the U.S. comes from Idaho’s Snake River, although there is more being done in Arkansas, New Jersey, North Carolina, Washington, and Tennessee among others.

This is part of the country’s aquaculture, raising water-based fishes for selling to profit, which is part of the successful rural business community.

Next, the article goes into detail with the water temperature of rainbow trout swimming in, keeping the water from contamination, and water hardness and pH. The trout can grow quickly when the water temperature stays in the mid to upper 50s, and that the temperature is important because it changes the amount of oxygen the water can hold.

The amount of water in the farm is also important based on the number of fish that are grown. Continuing on, the article speaks also on feeding the trout and their health; it is based on their size and measuring their proportion, which should be no higher than 2:1. Professionals, according to the article would establish either a 1.5:1 or 1.13:1.

The article finishes with the author talking about his or her own trout farm, common ailments with their trout, and checking their temperature, pH level, and oxygen content. With costs of maintenance, the author proclaims the farm makes a small, tidy profit. It is a simple project that anyone can do.

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