RecipesSmoking Barbecue Grill Curve Method Project

Smoking Barbecue Grill Curve Method Project

Smoking Barbecue Grill Curve Method Project is all in how it is set up to create a slow flavorful smoking of meat and cheeses.

Smoking Barbecue Grill Curve Method Project

The curve method is all about having the charcoal lined up on the bottom of the pit like a slivering snake. It must be lined along the bottom ends of it, curved half way around the pit, where the fire will come out slowly to smoke the meat, creating an interesting BBQ cook.

If the edge of the BBQ is lined, slowly the charcoal will self-light. The charcoal should pile together and have space for air flow. In between, stick in pieces of wood to smoke it and raise the fire. Add in some newspaper as an accelerant.

On top of the open space by the charcoal should be the chimney to let the smoke come out to aid in the cooking. The flame will come up through the chimney.

In the center of the chimney placed should be some more charcoal, so it would be a linking point for the path of the flame. This would actually be the snake’s “head.”

Put the grate over the top and put a temperature gauge in the pit to measure the heat. In four hours, it will go up to 250 F and provide that nice cook of any ribs, steak, or sausage.

It’s an untraditional way getting a fire going for those who like BBQ. It is something to be considered for those who are all about the cookout with any meats. Happy cookin’!

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