Food DehydratingHow To Make Sun Dried Tomatoes In Olive Oil

How To Make Sun Dried Tomatoes In Olive Oil

This very simple method of how to make sun dried tomatoes and preserve them in olive oil is a delicious way

The best variety of tomatoes to use because the lowest water content are Beefsteak, Roma, Lemon Boy (yellow), Better Boy but any tomato variety will work – they will just take longer to dry.

  • Thinly slice each tomato into 1/4 inch slices

  • Lay the tomato slices side by side onto a cookie sheet (touching is ok)

  • Cover cookie sheet loosely with cheesecloth to keep any bugs from touching tomatoes as they dry.

  • Set cookie sheets full of sliced tomatoes out in the morning and let them dry until sunset. Bring the cookie sheets full of sliced tomatoes in the house overnight and put it out again the next day.

  • Tomatoes slices will be fully sun dried when they have a leathery flexible texture – not brittle.

  • Place sun dried tomatoes slice into a mason, add a 2-3 sections of a clove of garlic ( although it calls for the garlic, I would never add it for fear of botulism) , 2 springs of basil and fill an inch from the top of the mason jar with olive oil. Make sure that the tomatoes are completely submerged under the olive oil.

  • Screw on the lid on tightly and store the jar in a cool dark cupboard.

  • Let the sun dried tomatoes infuse into the seasoned olive oil mixture for one to two weeks before consuming them.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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