DIY ProjectsTake Apart Wood Pallet with Car Repair Jack DIY Project

Take Apart Wood Pallet with Car Repair Jack DIY Project

This simple method of how to take apart wood pallet with car jack diy project is a total game changer. You can reclaim free wood pallet slats by applying pressure.

Take Apart Wood Pallet with Car Repair Jack DIY Project

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Dismantling a pallet could be a pain in the neck because of how attached the planks are to each other, which is why people simply saw it off. But, people want to recycle the planks for other uses and don’t want to saw off any part of the plank. There is a way to dismantle it with a jack and a screw board that can remove it all one piece at a time.

Start by placing the jack under the first board on the left side of the right cross, jack up, and move the jack to the left-middle cross-section and jack up some more. It should be easy to grab the board on the right end by lifting and twisting it off. If not, put the jack on the right side of the left cross-section, under the left end of the board, jack it up with some weight on it, and it will come loose. (Wear boots, not just regular sneakers, just in case nails or splinters come through.)

How many bottom boards will determine how many top boards that will need to be removed. If the sheet of plywood is as large as the pallet, flip the pallet over, jack it up, and remove the boards on the bottom while also using a screw gun to put in screws attaching the plywood.

This is done so the 2×6 doesn’t have to be removed multiple times. If using a 2×6 or 2×4, turn the pallet over and place the piece in between couple of boards and drill some holes, large enough so no jacking will occur between that and the cross member. The pallet should be completely loosened to be totally disassembled – and it all was done without a saw.

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