Food Storage & SkillsUsing Fermentation to Preserve Garden Harvest

Using Fermentation to Preserve Garden Harvest

This simple step by step tutorial and recipe for using fermentation to preserve garden harvest has been used for hundreds of years to safely create food storage. Preserving the harvest, or knowing how to do it in a number of ways, is important for every person especially homesteaders.

This article talks about how to preserve food through wild fermentation. Wild fermentation is not a very complicated process nor does it require any high-tech equipment, in fact most of the equipment used will already be present in your household.

You will come across some of the techniques that can be used to ferment your harvest and why wild fermentation should be used for preservation purposes. Fermentation is a safe procedure of preserving which is very important because food safety should be everyone’s first priority. Next up, you can use multiple materials for fermentation purposes such as glass, wood and even plastic. However any kind of metal is bad and should not be used.

Using Fermentation to Preserve Garden Harvest

Fermentation has become what USDA microbiologist Fred Breidt, Jr., describes as a “movement that’s picking up speed.”

However one thing that should be kept in mind is that it is not a long term solution, for instance if you want to store food for like a year or something then this is probably not the ideal solution but it would be excellent if you want to store something for a couple of months or something. But it would also depend on the food item that you are trying to preserve.

The article also explains in great detail how to ferment vegetables (especially dilly beans) and cabbage.

Any vegetable will ferment when submerged in liquid, often with salt or another starter culture added. Fermented vegetables last for many months, allowing one to enjoy the flavorful vegetables of summer all year round.

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