Vintage Buttermilk Cake with Pecan Glaze


If you love pecans, consider yourself lucky! Here is a recipe for a vintage buttermilk cake with pecan glaze that will let you get your pecans while you eat your cake. This is because aside from their amazing taste, pecans can also offer many exciting health benefits.

According to Diana Herrington, pecan is an Algonquian word that means a nut that needs a stone to crack. Pecan is not a type of nut per se because technically, this is a fruit with one pit or stone with a husk surrounding it.

One of the benefits of pecans is that this is great for heart health. Pecans contain gamma tocopherol, one form of vitamin E found to help in prevention of coronary heart disease.
A study also discovered that eating a pecan-supplemented diet can help double the body’s levels of gamma tocopherol while decreasing the blood’s bad cholesterol for up 33%.

Making pecans a part of your diet can also help protect the nervous system and delay the progression of motor neuron degeneration related to age including diseases such as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Foods with high antioxidant ability can also reduce the risks of coronary heart disease, cancer, and even neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Pecans are known for their highest antioxidant quality as compared to other types of nuts.

A study also discovered that eating nuts don’t increase weight, which means that you can eat a few pecans per day with no need to worry that you will gain weight.
I Am Baker shares a quick recipe on how to prepare your own Pecan Buttermilk Cake so you can enjoy all these benefits of pecans in a sweet way!