DIY ProjectsWood Pallet Trunk With Hidden Compartment DIY Project

Wood Pallet Trunk With Hidden Compartment DIY Project

This wood pallet trunk with hidden compartment diy project is made from scratch. The false bottom allows for a person to hide precious private items.

Wood Pallet Trunk With Hidden Compartment DIY Project

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There’s something about old steamer trunks that elicit a feeling of romance and secrets. The best part of Grandma’s attic is usually the things stuffed in a trunk and rediscovered years later.

Trunks are still very much a part of common décor but they can be expensive. Refinishing an antique trunk can run into thousands of dollars, too.

It’s just as easy to build your own trunk. Using pallet wood or re purposed wood slats will give the trunk and old-school feel. It can be made to look like a family heirloom with hardware specialized to look antique or you can give it a modern twist with paint and have a heavy coffee or end table.

Either way, an added bonus is always the hidden compartments and draws found in some trunks. Traveling and storage trunks both were used as furniture items and sometimes made with false bottoms which were meant to act as layered draws.

Since it will be layered, you can easily add a false bottom to your homemade trunk and use a natural or carved knothole for the lift. Scrap wood is used for the lifts to support the false lid.

All your wood should be well cleaned, sanded if possible, to remove dirt and splinters if using re purposed wood or a pallet. Leather handles and straps are simply tacked on and the finish should be urethaned but the rest of the decorating is up to you.

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