Emergency Preparedness30 Pandemic Essential Items To Store

30 Pandemic Essential Items To Store

Here are 30 Pandemic Essential Items To Store to create a emergency preparedness medical supplies in chance of pandemic, flu or any other contagious disease. Keep your family safe and healthy during a pandemic is a matter of isolating your family from infected people until the disease has run it’s course. This could be an extended amount of time such as many months or even longer.

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Have you ever heard the saying “Everything is fine until it is not”.

Water Storage: Do you have enough water stored for your family and pets for at least a month ? Water is the most important thing for drinking, cooking, cleaning and sanitation.

Stock up on food supplies in case of quarantines and food shortages.

Enhance your immune system with good food, vitamins and exercise.

There may be disruptions in water and power supplies so having water stored and alternative ways to heat your home and cook your food in a great idea.

Have cash on hand in case of banking disruptions in smaller bills such as 50$, 20$, 10$ and 5$

Have basic medical supplies and kits stored inside your home.

Read here about 30 Pandemic Essential Items To Store:

1. Face Masks (N-95’s) To help stop the dust from an earthquake or infections spreading from sneezing (I store 100’s of these-its who I am).

2. Diapers (cloth) They can be used for many things. Cleaning, babies, stop the bleeding from cuts, wash or dry dishes. Or you can add a scarf for your head as well. These are the diapers I recommend: Gerber 10-Pack Cloth Diaper Prefold Premium 6-ply with absorbent padding

3. Cough Medicine, Fever Medications, Prescriptions As required (stock up on 90 days if possible) Hydrogen Peroxide and rubbing alcohol, Vicks VapoRub. Product for stitches, besides Butterfly Bandaids. ZipStitch 4. Portable Radio Hopefully you have a crank one or some way to power it to hear what is going on locally if you lose power.

5. Flashlight Please store extra batteries, or a solar flashlight is even better with a crank as well, my favorite is the Solar Flashlight

6. Manual can opener This is a must-have for every kit. You might need to open other’s food storage cans as well as your own.

7. Garbage bags and kitchen size bags These can be used for trash, body bags if need be, potty chairs.

8. Cans of juices (bag/cartons) I put 100% juice in this container-ten pouches, I am sure it has some sugar, I still need it in my bucket.

9. Fluids with Electrolytes I can also make my own electrolyte solution that is very similar, but I want one large bottle ready to serve. Drip Drop

10. Anti-diarrhea medicine Diarrhea can kill if the person gets too dehydrated. I always look at a child’s lips to see if they are dry and shiny, red or cracked, these are possible signs they need water, asap.

11. Paper towels I only put 4 rolls of paper towels in the bucket. Of course, we can use more, but this bucket is just an emergency grab container.

12. Toilet paper This is a must-have in my 30 Pandemic Essentials list! LOL! You can never have too much toilet paper.

13. Thermometer I put this in the bucket, but really, if someone is that sick we can usually tell if they have a fever.

14. Canned baby formula We will need bottles ready to serve if needed. I feel I must put some baby formula in my bucket. I don’t have any babies around me, but if I had to feed a newborn baby I will have something, hopefully, that is nourishing to a baby.

15. Dog food Yep, I am thinking about my beloved Shih-Tzus, Bailey and Izzy. If you have pets, at least the small pets, you can take them with you, along with some cans of food for them in your bucket.

16. Soap and anti-bacterial soap I am constantly washing my hands. I know this is one more way we can not only keep hands clean, but also slow down the spread of infection. Wash hands..wash hands…wash hands!

17. Cups: lots of cups. I decided on some small 4-ounce size cups because I can put 100 in a small area of the bucket. This means I will have 100 cups for whatever or whoever needs them.

18. Disposable rubber gloves You can never have too many disposable gloves. Latex-free gloves are even better when you decide to buy some to add to your stash.

19. Bleach Okay I have to say I need bleach. I know some people are against bleach, well, I will use it to help clean up the sewage backup overflow or whatever I need to kill bacteria. Pool shock works well too (very concentrated-be careful).

20. Clear plastic sheeting (4mil) 100 feet for setting up an isolation room. One of my readers mentioned about adding Mosquito netting (folds up very small) to the bucket.

21. Duct Tape Oh my gosh, just start talking about Duct Tape, it has a million ways we can use it.

22. Borax Great for toilet provisions. It helps clean the potty chair, but also put a little in the bottom of the portable toilet to help control the odor.

23. Clothesline rope and clothes pins We might have a washing/rinsing bucket, but we might need to hang up some wet clothes to dry.

24. Laundry Soap Let’s be ready to use it for washing our underwear, at the very least. We can wear shirts and shorts or pants several times, but it would be nice to have clean underwear.

25. Dawn Dish Soap This is my favorite liquid soap. It might cost a bit more, but the few extra cents of cost is totally worth the grease this stuff can clean. One of my readers mentioned using Dawn Soap in baggies with a little water to clean underwear, rinse and dry them. Plus, she uses Dawn Liquid Soap to wash her hair!

26. Kitty Litter Great for potty chairs (also a reader mentioned you can get “oil dry” much cheaper at automotive stores).

27. Water Filters and purification devices I use the LifeStraw and the Berkey Sports Water Bottle for filtering water.

28. Water containers Collection, storage, and carrying containers (never throw out a bucket). You can never have too many buckets for washing, rinsing or mixing large batches of meals for your neighborhood (food containers only for meal preparation).

29. Water LOTS of water needs. I have WaterBricks with handles to grab and go.

30. Food We need a minimum of 2 weeks of food for everyone in your family. .

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