DIY ProjectsApple Grinder Tool for Extracting Juice DIY Project

Apple Grinder Tool for Extracting Juice DIY Project

Building an Apple Grinder Tool for Extracting Juice DIY Project is an essential tool that can help reduce workload and increase apple juice yield.

Apple Grinder Tool for Extracting Juice DIY Project

This detailed step by step tutorial is a blessing for homesteaders that are dedicated to creating their own homemade food storage. Harvest apples when they are ripe and preserve them so they are available all year long.

Apple juice, Cider and the leftover mashed apple bits can be dehydrated into a powder to be used to make tea blends, season peices of meat (pork, chicken and saugage) and fold into pancakes.

The basis of the apple grinder tool involves a drum that scrapes the apple into super small pieces. How to make this, by screwing together two thick pieces of wood – oak particular – together. Install the drive shaft by sawing a hole in both pieces before they are screwed together. Mount the shaft on a jointer and place the drum in it andmoving it around very carefully to produce a smooth cylinder. Its should be 4.2inches in diameter and 6.3 inches in length.

The shaft can be stainless steel screwed in with a steeled screw into a freshly drilled hole on the drum’s end. Do so also in the shaft by making a flattened area, aim to the venter, and drill in. It is recommended to have plenty of wood screws inside the drum screwed at a specific angle for one end of the countersink to cut into the apple. Now, comes the bearings, when you simply stick the shaft into a 5/8″ hole within the drum. The bearings will split at the oiling hole. While oak is good choice in wood because it keeps foot from rotting, soak the drum and bearings in olive oil so the juices don’t leak; the oil acts as a barrier.

For the grinder’s covering, get more oak and design the small blocks that perfectly fit around the drum. The funnel requires a foot thick of white pine. By hand, it takes a while to start grinding the apples, so it’s helpful to have a motor to help assist it. Get a one that is portable and mount it by the grinder and attach the pulley along a rotating wooden wheel. Screw the center of the wheel to the side of the drum through the frame that keeps it in place. Before turn it on, try by hand just to test how good it grinds the apples. Then, utilize the engine and have it rotate slowly, so the juices don’t fly on top and make a big mess.

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