CanningCanning Homemade Strawberry Lemon Jam

Canning Homemade Strawberry Lemon Jam

This amazing refreshingly sweet canning homemade Strawberry Lemon jam recipe is simple and delicious. Jam is used in so many ways, but sometimes store-bought jam just doesn’t cut it. They use lots of preservatives and things that nobody can pronounce, but if you make it at home, you know exactly what’s going in, and you know exactly how it’ll taste, because you can taste it along the way. When you buy jars of jam, the stores don’t let you open it and taste it, no, you have to hope your selection will be good.

So, strawberry lemon jam. The ingredients are a perfect embodiment of summer, and a perfect flavor combination. No, it’s not just some other jam, while strawberry jam is good, the lemon gives it a little kick, and it’s always fun to try something new. Personally, I love sour things, so strawberry lemon jam, much like strawberry lemonade, is something I’d really enjoy.

If you’re not used to making jam, or even if you are and are looking for something new, this is the kind of thing you should take a look at because making fresh jam, you can add whatever you wish, it’s yours to play with and make better. Besides, if you have little ones running around, smashing the fruit for the jam is a surefire way to tire them out.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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