Before and After DIY Foam Replacement


If your sofa still has a lot of life back but lacks its lofty heights, check out this tutorial and see the difference diy foam replacement can make. If your cushions have gotten flatter and not so springy you can replace the foam inside and bring back the new full feel and look of the sofa cushions.

Before and After DIY Foam Replacement

The tutorial is from Reason for Chocolate and it looks pretty easy to do. It would be so much cheaper than just throwing out the sofa and buying new. If you buy nice quality furniture this could be a huge money saver because as long as the rest of the sofa stays good you can keep replacing the foam every couple of years as needed. Meanwhile you can be saving for a nice quality sofa that will last you for years again.

I have had sofas that I ended up throwing away because the cushions went all flat, especially sleeper sofas and they are not cheap to buy. If your is like the ones I had the sleeper part got used very rarely so basically the only thing that was wrong with the sofa was the flattened cushions. With this awesome tutorial for replacing the foam, problem solved.


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