DIY ProjectsDIY Shoe Rack From PVC

DIY Shoe Rack From PVC

If you need a way to store all of you shoes, check out this diy shoe rack from pvc pipe. This is a neat way to make your own shoe rack and you can make it to hold all of the shoes you own or you can make one for each bedroom in the house.

DIY Shoe Rack From PVC
Why Not DIY

The nice thing about using the piv pipe is that you can get it in different sizes so you can opt to have only one shoe per pipe or you can buy pipe big enough to hold a pair.If you have an entry to your house from the garage a partial wall filled with one of these would hold loads of the families shoes and keep them and any dirt on them from entering the house. You can leave the pipe white or it can be painted. If you wanted to co-ordinate it to a room you could cover the pipe pieces with a fabric before assembling the rack.

For babies and toddlers their rack could be hung on the wall, especially useful if you have a little one like I did that threw one shoe from each pair in the garbage for months until I finally figured out where all the missing shoes were going and started keeping them out of her reach. I had about 25 pairs of toddler shoes that only had 1 shoe.  Took me forever to figure out where the shoes were disappearing to.

I have seen this pvc pipe method used for rolled towels too and I thought that was a pretty neat idea as well. Wonder How To shares the instructions.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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