CanningHomemade Flavorful Grape Juice Canning Recipe

Homemade Flavorful Grape Juice Canning Recipe

This Homemade Flavorful Grape Juice Canning Recipe simplifies the hardest part of the process, making it easy peasy to accomplish. Great grape flavored juice is lip smacking good for adults and children. Come on and make enough to last your family throughout the winter months.

Homemade Flavorful Grape Juice Canning Recipe - The Homestead Survival

Every Fall, different varieties of grapes (Concord is my favorite) have an overfilling harvest of juicy globes bursting with flavor. These sweet grapes are then harvested, eaten and/or juiced. A steam juicer is an amazing tool to use instead of straining them with cheesecloth which can be messy and tedious as the grapes have thick skin and lots of juice is wasted.

With the steam juicer, the process is as follows:

1. Pick the ripest juicy grapes; wash them clean, sorting out bad ones

2. Add water into the base of your steamer and set it on high on your stove

3. Add the grapes into the top part of the steamer and fit the lid tightly

4. Set your timer for 30 minutes and check the water level in the base; do not let it dry out!

5. Set your sterilized canning jars in hot water on the side to temper them

6. Put the jars lids into a one-quart pot on simmer to soften the seals

7. When the juice is done, fill out each jar on a table up to ½ inch of the top of the jar

8. Wipe the top of the jar so it’s clean then seal the jars with lids and rings

9. The hot liquid will seal the jars; water bath the jars to kill any bacteria and cool completely before moving the jars of juice to a cool dark storage area

Let’s fill those beautiful mason jars !

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