DIY ProjectsMake a Heated Steering Wheel with Carbon Tape

Make a Heated Steering Wheel with Carbon Tape

This tutorial of how to make a heated steering wheel with carbon tape is detailed in this step by step process.

Make a Heated Steering Wheel with Carbon Tape

How many times have you gotten into your vehicle only to think about how cold the steering wheel is. Sure some fancy cars come with heated steering wheels, but yours didn’t. The bottom line is that gripping the steering wheel during cold winter months is a necessity. When it is too cold, this can prove to be a safety hazard. What can you do?

Homesteading is all about DIY creativity. Although you may not know it, there is a way to create your own heated steering wheel. No this isn’t a long-drawn out next-to-impossible task. I am going to lead you through the process so you can see how quickly you can integrate the heated steering wheel technology into your vehicle. Not only will this be a great way to improve the drive, but it will considerably add to your mobility in frigid weather and your ability to remain safe as you move into traffic. Overall this is one of those projects that your friends will see and want to implement themselves. It is a homesteader’s dream!

Materials List:

1. 4 (or 8 for double power) feet of carbon tape (length depends on your wheel circumference)

2. Silver conductive glue

3. A piece of electric wire (18-24 AWG)

4. Kapton tape

To get this one done, you will need just the basics in terms of tools and a few purchases at the local hardware store. We will go through the process and soon you’ll have the perfect steering wheel that can provide around 40-watts of heat power to your wheel.

You won’t have to worry about that freezing cold anymore. Plus you can amaze your friends and family as they drive away with jittery hands!

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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