DIY ProjectsMetal Jerry Can Hidden Storage Cabinet DIY Project

Metal Jerry Can Hidden Storage Cabinet DIY Project

This Metal Jerry Can Hidden Storage Cabinet DIY Project is detailed in a step by step amazinging tutorial. You will have no problem following along.

Metal Jerry Can Hidden Storage Cabinet DIY Project

Technological advancement has brought a whole lot of changes in today’s society where different things you never thought would exist are now in vogue. One of this advancement is a common utensil used in different homes: a “Jerry Can.” Some weeks back, I came in contact with an advert of a Jerry Can that amazed me.

The amazing fact was that this Jerry Can be not just the common type found in homes, but it was a Jerry Can that was transformed into a cabinet where liquor can be kept. On seeing this advert of the Jerry Can cabinet, I feel in love with the way it was constructed and the idea of using it as a liquor store. Despite this fact, there were a design feature which I was not satisfied with. For instance, those with doors opened with a downward slope.

* Materials:

An old cleaned or new jerry can




Rubber lipping

Screws + bolts + washers

* Tools/Machinery

Dremel with cutting blade

Angle grinder with cutting blade

Band saw (or a jigsaw)

Metal file

Whiteboard marker, pen

Try square (optional, ruler works as well)



(Pillar) Drill + drill bit

Thus, I was discouraged and decided to try and produce my own Jerry Can cabinet. To my greatest surprise, this was cheaper and more durable. I was able to make mine for about 70 US dollars alone. Creating your own Jerry Can cabinet won’t be a bad option. All you need to do is follow the right procedures on how to do it. Some of the things you need to gather include wood, a new Jerry Can, hinges, screw’s, metal file, jigsaw, sandpaper, etc. you. You also have to make your choice on the door size etc. to get the perfect jerry can cabinet you desire. Below are the steps to making your Jerry Can cabinet.

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Melissa Francis
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