Essential OilsScent Your Laundry With Essential Oils

Scent Your Laundry With Essential Oils

Learn how to scent your laundry with essential oils. Instead of using those chemical laden products to add scent to your clean clothes, make this recipe and scent your own. All natural laundry scent made from Epsom salt and essential oils.

Scent Your Laundry With Essential Oils

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This great idea is from Simply Shellie and it is a great way to get the scented laundry you love without breathing and wearing chemicals all day that may irritate your allergies. I know a lot of folks like the fabric softeners that leave a scent in clothing but they also leave chemicals in them and after a while the clothes no longer breathe well because the commercial product leave a residue that flattens the fibers.

That is why they work for static. The fibers are plastered down so they can’t rub against each other. While this recipe is not for static it will leave scent in your wash and you can choose which scent you like. Maybe something light and citrus for summer and then change it up to something a little woodsy in fall. I like to use eucalyptus oil in my laundry products because it is good at killing dust mites. I use it along with others that I like, for example I love pink grapefruit and lemon balm so I use these a lot of the time.

You could use lavender or your favorite blend of oils. This laundry scent would cost only pennies per load of laundry whereas the stuff from the store is pretty pricey.


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