DIY ProjectsTiny Traveling Japanese Tea House DIY Project

Tiny Traveling Japanese Tea House DIY Project

This Tiny Traveling Japanese Tea House DIY Project is simple way to build a beautiful  place for people to come sip tea. Sort of like a food truck but this can be made and assembled in parts at festivals, camping, BBQs, parks or even a family reunion.

Tiny Travelling Japanese Tea House DIY Project

Start by building four pallets with any type of wood and size that fits the project desired.Use a water seal to shine the wood, as well as prevent moisture from coming in.
Next, build the posts by cutting down to the exact height desired and stick a bolt and a screw holder into the pallet. Put water seal on them too. With the exterior frame built, now comes the walls and roof.

Again, have the cuts the correct size based on the house itself. Add the dimensions to get the right amount of square room big enough to put whatever inside. Screw in the exact angles necessary when planning out the covering the wall and water seal those pieces. The walls can be connected post in different ways, such as hook and eye door latch, which can be adjusted by twisting the receiving piece upward or downward as needed.

For the roof, build two screens to be an all-purpose roof against sun and rain. Get a good-sized tarp and a Pagoda umbrella to put on top of that for a tri-level covering which gives the house the Japanese look. After cutting the tarp to right size that runs down the walls evenly, cut the umbrella pole and stick in the center over the entire frame. With that done, simply decorate the interior for a complete tea house.

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Melissa Francis
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