DIY ProjectsCreating Yarn from Plastic Bags With a Drop Spindle

Creating Yarn from Plastic Bags With a Drop Spindle

Watch how she goes about creating yarn from plastic bags with a drop spindle. This is amazing and the weaving she produces from the yarn turns out beautifully. There are different drop spindles around and the one she is using looks more like a spinning wheel.

Creating Yarn from Plastic Bags With a Drop Spindle

For centuries people all over the world have been turning fibers from a variety of sources into thread or yarn using a spinning wheel. This thread or yarn is then used to make a number of different items using looms, knitting needles or crochet hooks. This video was created to show how anyone can turn used plastic shopping bags into the thread.

The video was created, posted and shared with all of the viewers by Michelle Baggerman. The video goes into great detail about how easy it can be to use this age-old method which involves a simple spinning wheel and many used shopping bags. With the millions of these shopping bags being dumped every day, you should be able to gather plenty to be used to try it out for yourself. What an awesome way to reuse something that is everywhere.

Benefits of watching the DIY Project: Creating Yarn from Plastic Bags With a Drop Spindle

Yarn is one of the most versatile of materials used for creating household items and this includes clothing.
The video describes what things you are going to need to have on hand in order to get started
The presenter on the video describes a method. for creating yarn to be used for making clothes.
The use of a video is the perfect method to use for sharing this useful bit of information.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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