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How To Make Large Watermelon Jello Shots

How To Make Large Watermelon Jello Shots

These watermelon jello shots are perfect right now because summer is coming to an end but we still have a couple of weekends left to have fun in the back yard while we grill out and enjoy the harvest. So if you have one or two more cook outs pick up a watermelon and have some grow up fun. You could make some non alcoholic jello shots for the kids too. The jello looks very pretty in the watermelon rind and the rind gives you the perfect way to hold your jello shot. So you can walk around your party with a barbecued rib in one hand and jello shot in the other.  Buzzfeed shares the recipe.

How To Make Large Watermelon Jello Shots


You could probably get creative and make all kinds of colors of jello so your watermelon jello shots could be peach flavor or blue berry flavor and how pretty would a big tray of various colors of jello shot on watermelon rind be. Better yet do the red in watermelon rind, Peach in Cantaloupe rind and Lime in Honey Dew melon rind. You could even use different alcohol for each flavor for a nice variety. Summer fun on Labor day before we have to start hunkering down for what The Old Farmer’s Almanac says is going to be a super snowy winter. I for one am so not looking forward to that.

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