DIY ProjectsBuild a Urban Homesteading Garden Salad Table Project

Build a Urban Homesteading Garden Salad Table Project

This tutorial of how to build a urban homesteading garden salad table project is remarkably a simple weekend task using basic building skills. It can be placed in small space like a small concrete pad or balcony. It is compact (2’ x 4’) and can hold a surprisingly large amount of herbs and vegetable. It holds enough soil to support the root systems of most above-ground herbs and vegetables.

Build a Urban Homesteading Garden Salad Table Project

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Those people living in an urban environment have very few options when it comes to fresh herbs and vegetables, they usually have to rely on a local market or chain grocery store. With all of the problems being reported all over the news with contaminated vegetables being recalled it can be a bit scary for families. Since most urban settings don’t have backyard spaces to plant gardens it can be very difficult for growing your own fresh food.

This is where this Do It Yourself Salad Table will really come in handy.

Benefits of reading the Salad Table for Urban Gardeners DIY Project

● The urban salad table is the perfect way for anyone with only small space to grow fresh herbs and vegetable

● The project includes and complete list of all the materials, supplies and tools necessary

● Includes an easy to read and follow step by step instruction guide

● Has several full color photos and diagrams depicts several stages of the construction

Gronomics VG 32-45UA Unassembled Vertical Garden, 32 by 45 by 9-Inch

Click here to read about how to build a urban homesteading garden salad table project:

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