Primitive SkillsBushcraft Primitive Skills to Empower Yourself

Bushcraft Primitive Skills to Empower Yourself

Bushcraft Primitive Skills to Empower Yourself is all about ways to invest in the one person you can always depend on (Yourself), to become self sufficent. Step by step with patience and determination you can tackle each challange of mastering each skill.

Bushcraft Primitive Skills to Empower Yourself

It is very important to learn some bushcraft skills so that you can survive in the woods without grocery stores. The arrival of hurricane Harvey must have inspired the writer to share these skills at this time. These skills range from how to make fire on campsite to fishing ideas to game hunting.

According to the writer these skills are basically 10 in number. Some of them have been outlined here.

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~ Fire craft: You need to be able to make fire with just rocks and organic materials since you may not have access to matches and a can of lighter fluid in the woods.

~ Tracking: You should be able to track foot prints of both animals and humans. It helps you position your snare just to catch games.

~ Hunting: You might need to survive on games so it is important you learn how to hunt games by setting a snare since you may not have access to a rifle.

~ Fishing: You should also learn how to catch fish with hook and by trapping. After catching, you need to know how to prepare it.

~ Foraging: It is important to learn this as you may have to survive on only fish and games

~ Building of shelter: This is the most important part. You need to prepare a shelter where you will lay your head.

Take the time to read the article for full details and share it immediately.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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