CanningThe Chemistry of Making Jam Set Up

The Chemistry of Making Jam Set Up

The chemistry of making jam set up can be explained in simple terms so every homesteader with the urge to fill their food pantry will become inspired. When it comes making jams it really does matter what kinds of fruits you use to make your jam. The article explains in great detail that all fruits contain a certain amount of pectin and it is this that helps to cause jam to set or thicken.

The Chemistry of Homesteading JAM Making

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If the fruits you are using are lower in naturally occurring pectin, your recipe will more than likely call for added commercial pectin to be added. The article further talks about how there has to be the right balance of all three parts of the process to make the best jam.

Many people who grow their own fruits also like to make homemade jams and jellies with what they pick off the trees and plants from their garden. They often follow recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation in their families.

However, most recipes don’t delve deep into the explanations of how the process works. This article was designed to enlighten its readers on science behind the making of fresh, homemade jam.

Benefits of reading the What makes jam set – The Chemistry of jam making article

● Find out an in depth explanation of how the three main ingredients interact to create jam

● It explains why making jams out of some fruits requires a pectin to be added to aid in setting

● Includes a detailed diagram that explains everything at a molecular level

Click here to read about the chemistry of making jam set up:

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