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Vitamin C Rich Foods You Should Be Eating

Vitamin C Rich Foods You Should Be Eating

This list of Vitamin C rich foods you should be eating for the health benefits is a delightfully delicious and long.

Vitamin C is extremely important as an immune booster which helps fight colds and flu. Vitamin C helps repair tissue in all parts of your body and helps develop a better metabolism. It is also excellent in strengthening hair, teeth and bones. Thus having a diet that is rich with vitamin C is vital for a healthy life.

According to research for men the desirable intake of Vitamin C is 90 mg and for women it is 75 mg. Instead of taking pills and vitamins in form of tablets, one can have the required intake of vitamin C by slightly altering their diets. Fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin C like citrus fruits, chilies, kiwi, berries and many others.

This article lists out twenty-five basic food items that have high vitamin C content. Tomatoes are also an excellent source for vitamin C. The exact grams of vitamin C each item contains as to make comparison easier when it comes to determining which fruit or vegetable has more vitamin C in it and to make it easier for people to plan out dieting plans. A very informative and interesting read, this article is a great source of information for those interested.
Vitamin C Rich Foods You Should Be Eating
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